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Section 1: Preparing to be a Team Manager


The Team Manager is critical to the overall functioning of the team.  Those that have had this role before know what is involved.  For those that are new, don’t be overwhelmed.  There is a lot of work up front as teams are formed and registered for the upcoming season.  However, things will settle down and you will find a routine that works for you.  This manual will help you navigate the process.

Manager’s Notebook

As the Team Manager you will be responsible for maintaining all of the paperwork associated with your team.  The best way to do this is to create a Team Manager’s Notebook.  This will be a 3-ring binder to allow for easy addition and removal of materials.

Each player should have a protective pocket/sleeve (sheet protector) that all of their paperwork can be kept in. 

This paperwork includes:

  • AYSA Membership Form (notarized)
  • AYSA Medical Release Form (notarized)
  • AYSA Head Injury / Concussion Form
  • AYSA Code of Conduct
  • Phoenix Premier FC Financial Agreement

The AYSA Membership Form should be kept on top.  This form is typically reviewed at each tournament check-in and compared to the player passes.  The check-in process will go much more smoothly if the form is visible without having to remove it from the sleeve.

Please maintain your team notebook in alphabetical order by last name.  Team rosters are in this order and any check-in process will be much quicker if the team notebook is in alphabetical order.

As Team Manager you will also have a copy of each player’s birth certificate.  However, copies of the birth certificates should not be kept in the team notebook on a routine basis.  They can be brought to tournament check-in to verify birth dates in case any questions come up.  At all other times the birth certificates should be kept in a safe location.


Player Passes

Each player on your team will have a player pass.  This is a laminated card that includes the player’s picture that identifies that the player is registered with Phoenix Premier FC, which team they are on, and their date of birth.

It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to create the player Passes for the team.  Once all of the registration paperwork has been collected and players have completed the club registration (See Section 3 on Initial Registration) the Club Registrar will register each player and ensure player passes are printed.  The Registrar will provide you with the player passes for your team.  The cards will include one for each team player, one for you as manager, and one for each coach.

Once the player passes are received, pictures will need to be added and the cards laminated.  Each player can provide a picture or a digital camera can be brought to one practice to take pictures of each team member and coach.  This is recommended to increase uniformity of the pictures on the passes.

The pictures need to be of the head and shoulders (think driver’s license photo) and sized to fit on the player pass (approximately 1”x1”).  If you have the skills/resources to size the pictures and laminate the cards yourself, please feel free to do so.  However, player passes can also be put together at a local office supply store in the copy center (e.g. Office Max or FedEx Kinkos).

NOTE - If you prefer to have the player passes printed with the pictures already included, please provide the registrar with digital pictures for each player.  Any pictures received before the player passes are printed will be added to the player passes for you by the registrar. 

Steps to creating player Passes:

  • Obtain player passes for your team from the Club Registrar
  • Make sure you have a headshot picture of each player, manager, and coach and resize the pictures to fit on the player pass – or alternatively provide the registrar with pictures before the passes are printed
  • Laminate the player passes
    1. When creating the passes for the whole team, the most efficient way is to go to an office store such as Office Max or FedEx Kinkos.  They have sheets of laminate that allow you to put approximately 8-10 passes on one sheet.  Once laminated, the passes can be cut apart.  When cutting the cards apart, leave approximately ¼” – ½” around the card for the hole to be punched.
    2. If only a single pass needs to be created, office stores have luggage tags that are the perfect size. 
  • Once laminated, punch a hole in one corner of the card and place them on a ring in alphabetical order.
  • If you are nervous about creating player Passes for the first time, try to coordinate with a returning manager so you can create your player passes together.


Once your team notebook and player passes are put together the hard part is over and you are ready for the season!  Bring it on!