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Section 2:  Communication


A great deal of the Team Manager’s job is related to communication – with the coach and with the other families.  The Team Manager is responsible for passing information on to their team in timely manner to keep everyone informed.

Club-wide Communications

As a club, Phoenix Premier FC is striving to improve club communications and increase the use of the club internet site as well as other social media such as Facebook and Twitter to share messages and information relevant to all teams.  Club-wide communications will also be distributed to the club email list. 

To ensure that your families remain informed and receive information on a timely basis please do the following:

  • Encourage them to “Like” Phoenix Premier FC on Facebook
  • Encourage them to “Follow” Phoenix Premier FC on Twitter (@phxpremierfc)
  • Encourage them to check out the website on a regular basis (
  • Make sure they keep their contact information updated with the club and with you as the team manager, especially their email and phone numbers
  • Make sure that the coaches have your contact information as well so that they can contact you in case of last minute changes or provide updates to you that need to be sent to the team

Team Specific Communications

In addition to the club-wide communications there will be a great deal of information specific to your team that you will need to share, or that you will need to get from your families. 

  • Set expectations for parents to communicate directly with you.  It will be important to communicate with your families the expectations for communication.  A key element of the success of any team is attendance at practice and games.  If a player is going to be absent from a practice or a game for any reason, that information should be communicated to you as the team manager.  This ensures that there is one person receiving all of this information that can be passed on to the coach.  To help establish this expectation, be sure to contact the family if a player misses practice and you have not heard from them.
  • Ensure your coach can contact you.  Provide a reliable mechanism for your coach and the Phoenix Premier DOC to contact you.  If you know you are going to not be available for an extended period of time, please provide an alternate contact to your coach.  The DOC will communicate last minute updates to you via text, so be sure he has your cell phone number! 
  • Ensure each family knows the practice schedule.  Once the practice schedule is set, emails should not be needed for each practice.  Each family should be responsible for reading the monthly training calendars that you email out.  However, in the event of a change to the standard schedule, be sure that information is sent to families as soon as possible.  Changes can occur at any time due to fields being closed due to rain, coaching conflicts, holidays, etc.  It is important to communicate these exceptions as soon as possible to your team. 
  • Ensure each family has the necessary information for games and tournaments.  It is important to ensure that each family has the information they need for each game or tournament that is played.   A key website for keeping up on league and tournament schedules is the Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) website:  However, it is also helpful to provide your families with a reminder email about upcoming games a couple days before the event.  For example, if there is a game on Saturday, send an email to the team with the details by Thursday. 

Key information to include in the email:

  • Use multiple methods of communication.   While the majority of team communications will occur through email there are times when information needs to be sent to the team on short notice (e.g. a last minute change in game time or location, last minute rainout of practice or a game).   Please be sure to have cell phone numbers for each player accessible. Many teams also use sites such as Shutterfly or TeamSnap to communicate to their teams.  These sites have mechanisms to automatically send out emails to the team as reminders for games, tournaments, or any other ad hoc communications needed.
  • Ensure you have the correct parent contact information.  Check to see if you have the correct contact information for all parents at the beginning of the year.  Get contact info from both parents if at all possible.  Also, ensure you understand the best method to contact your parents. 
  •  Staying informed is everyone’s responsibility.  Every team member/ family has the responsibility to stay informed about key information related to practices, games and tournaments.  While your job is to connect them with the initial information, they do have the responsibility to read your emails, texts and other communication you provide.