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Section 3:  Registration


This section will outline the Team Manager responsibilities related to registration.   This includes initial registration as well as registration for league and tournament play.

Initial Registration

After tryouts and the team rosters are set it is important to get all of the players on the team officially registered with Phoenix Premier FC.  The goal is to have all registration paperwork completed and registration fees collected by the end of June each year.

Registration Forms and Materials

The following forms need to be completed and turned in by each team member in order to be registered.

  • Phoenix Premier FC Financial Agreement Form – this is a club specific registration form
  • AYSA Membership Form – Should be notarized
  • AYSA Medical Release Form – Should be notarized
  • AYSA Code of Conduct
  • AYSA Head Injury / Concussion Form

All Forms are located under the Parent tab click here to access

Once a family has logged in, they will see a tab that contains all of the forms that need to be filled out.  All of the AYSA forms can also be found on the AYSA website ( under the heading Forms.  In addition, the forms were also included on the web when each player accepted their spot on the team. 

  1. Player picture – each player must have a current picture on their player pass.  The picture should be added to the roster before the Registrar prints the passes, if not, the picture can be glued on and then laminated into the player pass.

As the player pictures submitted can vary, it is recommended that pictures be taken at a practice in early August.  The pictures should be a head and shoulders shot (think driver’s license photo).  This provides more uniformity in the pictures and allows the club to have one on file in case they are needed. The size of the picture needed for player pass is 1”x1”. 

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • All players must provide a copy of the player’s birth certificate as verification of the player’s age.
  • Registration Fee - $300.00
  • The registration fee should be paid online as part of the player’s club registration.  Player passes cannot be created for players who have not completed their registration forms or paid their registration fee. 

It is helpful to have a registration checklist to ensure that you collect all of the necessary information from each player. 

Once the registration information is collected from all players, make copies of all of the forms submitted and turn these into the Club Registrar who will ensure players are registered and player passes generated for the upcoming season.  You should keep the original documents in your binder since some tournaments expect to see the original documents (but not the birth certificate – a copy of this is always allowed). 


Uniforms and Uniform Numbers

Each player/family will be responsible for ordering and paying for their own uniform kit from the Club’s designated vendor.  Prior to being able to order their uniform, they will need a uniform number.  As Team Manager, you will help facilitate the assignment of uniform numbers along with your coach.  Ensure all players on your team have unique uniform numbers.  Each player will receive information from the club regarding the uniform ordering instructions – where to go, what is required to be purchased, deadlines for receiving the uniform, etc.  Please pass this information on to your teams. 

Returning Teams/Players
.  Established teams will have players that already have numbers they have been using.  Be sure to have a list of uniform numbers that have already been taken.  For new players, provide them with a list of the numbers that are not available and ask for input on what number they would like.  To be fair, it is helpful to ask for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.  Hopefully when reviewing the choices each player will be able to get one of their top choices.  Once numbers have been assigned, let each player know of their assigned uniform number so their uniform can be ordered.

New Teams.  Choosing uniform numbers can be a big deal to kids so it is important to choose a method that is fair.  It is helpful to ask each player for their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of uniform number. When reviewing the choices, hopefully each player will get a number from their top 3 choices.  Once numbers have been assigned, let each player know of their assigned uniform number so their uniform can be ordered.



Registering for League Play and Tournaments

As Team Manager, you will be responsible for registering the team for league play and tournaments.

Team GotSoccer Account

Each team will have an account created in GotSoccer.  Gotsoccer is where registration occurs for league play and most tournaments.  The website is:

Team usernames will follow a standard format.  For example:  ppfc02girlsblack

The password for the team account will be the team managers first and last name.  Example:  christierice (all lowercase).

This is a standard protocol that will be followed so please do not change your password.  There may be times where another team/club representative needs to access the team GotSoccer account and this will ensure that the password is known.  Existing usernames and passwords will not be changed, however, unless they need to be reset to allow for access.  If you need your password reset, please contact the club Registrar. 

To navigate to the team account:

  • Click on User Login in the upper right hand corner
  • Under member account login find Team & Team Officials and click Login
  • Enter your username and password and you will be in the team account.  If you do not know your username and password, please contact the Club Registrar who can assist.  




When your GotSoccer account opens you will see a screen that shows events the team is registered for and have played in.  


To Register for an Event:

There will often be multiple ways to find the links to register for a particular league or tournament -- through the AYSA website, through GotSoccer, or directly from the club tournament’s website.

AYSA Website

The AYSA website contains all information about the three leagues that teams primarily play in.  These three leagues are the Arizona Premier League, Arizona State League, and the Port of Subs Open League.

The Arizona Premier League and Arizona State League includes the top teams in the State in the age brackets U-12 and older. 

If a team is not playing in the Premier or State League, they will play in the Port of Subs Open League.

Information about each league can be found under the “Clubs/League Play” tab on the AYSA website.


Your coach will be responsible for telling you which league your team will be playing in.  You will be notified when registration for league play becomes available, and there will then be a registration link on the corresponding page on the AYSA website.

Tournament information and links are also available on the AYSA website under the tab “Tournaments.”

When “Club Tournaments” are selected, a list of the tournaments available by month opens up.  When a specific tournament is selected, a link to the tournament website will become available which will have registration information.



The other way to register for league play and tournaments is directly through GotSoccer.  Within GotSoccer you can search for events by clicking on the “Events” tab.

Once the “Events” tab is clicked, a new screen will open that includes all existing events (past and present) for the team.  Another option will appear in the top left corner to “Search Events”

When you click “Search Events” you will have the option to enter search parameters for the event you are looking for.  You can enter the Date Range, State, and Event Type.  That should be enough information to find the event you are looking for.  The event types you will typically use include Tournament and League.


Club Websites

Finally, the last way to search for a tournament to register for is directly on the sponsoring club’s website.  You can generally go to the club website and look on their Tournament page to get registration information.  Information provided on the club Tournament pages also includes the check-in information, tournament rules, fields used, etc. This page eventually becomes very important to you as you work to inform your team of the tournament details.

Once the appropriate event is found it will take you to the registration link for the event.

Keys to Registering for League and Tournaments

  • Communication with your coach.  A key to registering your team for the appropriate events is to have open communication with your coach.  Your coach will tell you which League to register for and which tournaments to register for.  They will also provide information regarding which flight to register for – some tournaments ask which flight you want to play in and others do not – be sure you ask your coach before attempting to register for any tournament. 
  • Timely Registration.  You will also want to be sure that registration is timely.  Each event that you participate in will have a registration deadline.  Once you find out what events/tournaments you will be participating in, make note of the registration deadlines so you do not miss them.  You can always register early.
  • Coordinate payment for tournaments with the Team Treasurer.  You will want to make sure that payment is provided for the tournaments you register for. 


    1. League Fees – While a payment/fee will appear when registering for League Play, this is not an additional fee that needs to be collected from your team.  Payments for League registration are made by the club in one bulk payment based on how many teams on the club have registered for the league, so you don’t need to worry about this at all.
    2. Tournaments – tournament fees are the responsibility of each individual team.  Provide the Team Treasurer with the amount of the Registration fee, the payment deadline, who payments should be made to and where they should be sent.  When you register, select the option to pay by check whenever possible.  This allows you to register without making payment at the same time.  If there is not a pay by check option, work with your team treasurer on how to reimburse you for the tournament fees. 


  • Blackout Dates for League Play.   During the season each team is allowed a certain number of blackout dates.  Blackout dates represent designated dates where the team is requesting that a league game not be scheduled.  Typically blackout dates are used on weekends where the team will be playing in a tournament and needs to be sure there will not be conflicts between league and tournament games.  There are generally two blackout dates (weekends) allowed in Season I and three blackout dates (weekends) allowed in Season II.  Communicate with your coach to determine what dates they would like entered as blackout dates.  Your coach may also be managing coaching conflicts/other responsibilities when determining what dates to use. 

There are a few key points to remember about blackout dates:

  • Blackout dates need to be entered at the time of registration for league play.  You should have blackout dates from your coach before you register.
  • If blackout dates have not been provided when you register, you will have the option to go back and enter them. However, there will be a deadline for entering blackout dates that you need to be aware of.  If this deadline is missed, you will not be able to enter them.
  • When entering the blackout dates in GotSoccer, you will need to enter the dates in the calendar that is provided.  If entered correctly, you will see the shading in the calendar change to reflect the blackout date.  You cannot enter blackout dates in the comments box.  Blackout dates entered here will not be honored.