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Section 5:  Finance Guidelines

As a Team Manager you should not be needing to handle any money for the team, this is the responsibility of the Team Treasurer.  The Team Manger or the coach should not have access to the team bank account except in situations that are approved by the Club.


Roles and Responsibilities


Each team is required to have a Team Manager and a Team Treasurer.  These roles are separated to allow for checks and balances within the team.  The Team Manager or coach should not need to handle any money for the team except in the following exceptions –

  • To assist in paying referees at Port of Subs Open League home games (the treasurer provides the money to the manager for payment),
  • To assist in collecting fees or payments to the team (the manager should provide this money to the treasurer as soon as possible), and
  • To pay for tournaments that are not payable by check (normally the treasurer will send a check to the address provided when the manager registers).  If a check is not accepted occasionally a team manger might need to pay with a personal credit card and be reimbursed by the team treasurer by check. 


Interacting with the Team Treasurer and Accountability


The Team Manger and Team Treasurer should work together to plan the team’s budget, fund raising activities, and fee collection.  They can also solicit help from other families on the team to help with these activities.


There are times when the team needs to purchase items such as a team bench, lamination of the player passes, a team canopy, etc.  Assuming that the team agrees to these purchases and the team has the funds available, these items can be purchased by the team treasurer via a check or debit card directly from the bank account.  If someone else on the team has volunteered to make these purchases then the treasurer can reimburse them with proper receipts. 


Where to do for Guidance


If a Team Manager isn’t sure what the right thing to do in a situation is, please ask for assistance from the Club Board of Directors.  Financial matters are very important and it is imperative that the proper guidelines be followed.